Tradeshow – Maestri del Sapore

The piazza of Rassina (Arezzo), where Simone Fracassi has his Macelleria, was the stage where over 30 Maestri del Gusto, some exceptional Italian food artisans, congregate with their products in the occasion of the Forum to meet chefs, restaurateurs and culinary professional coming from abroad. Not by chance this was also a way to celebrate the 90 years of Macelleria Fracassi and Simone, who was a co-organizer of the Forum and is one of the best representatives of that special category of Food Artisans. They rightly do not represent only commercial businesses, instead they are the symbol of one of the vastest gastronomic culture, the Italian, so their presence and the interaction with the chefs working abroad was another strong way to reinforce the message of launching a bid to have Italian Cuisine outside of Italy recognized as Unesco world Heritage.