The white truffle of Alba: leading role at Nicholini’s Hong

The white truffle of Alba is undoubtedly one of the undisputed stars at Nicholini’s, the restaurant located inside Hong Kong’s luxurious Conrad Hotel, were the precious and iconic Piedmontese product is exalted and celebrated by Specialty Chef Riccardo Catarsi.

With a great passion for natural, seasonal ingredients, he has created a menu boasting a contemporary approach to the preparation of traditional Italian dishes with a modern and unusual twist.

Dishes designed to enhance the taste and aroma of this product of excellence, the white truffle of Alba, through different methods of cooking, infusions and unique techniques.

Like his pan-fried Hokkaido scallop, with white truffle, purple potatoes, salmon roe and sea urchin sabayon, where fish oil is expertly used to diffuse and emphasize the truffle’s -intense scent and flavor, or his homemade tortelloni with white truffle, foie gras, homemade parmesan milk and veal jus, where the Parmesan is left to infuse in milk to give it a creamy consistency, able to anchor the heady aroma of Alba’s gastronomic jewel.

A not-to-be-missed menu