The spirit of the Summit in Bahrain for the Hospitality Expo

Chefs Heinz Beck (La Pergola** Roma) e Vincenzo Candiano (Locanda Don Serafino* Ragusa) led the Italian task force at the “Bahrain Hospitality and Restaurant Expo” (14-17 october), which included the volcanic Susy Massetti, senior itchefs-GVCI and Francesco Brocca, Culinary Director of the International Culinary competition.

Over 50 chefs participated in the contest organized by The I Factor Ltd directed by Rosario Scarpato.

This Company produces also the “10th Italian Cuisine World Summit”, planned from 6 to 24 november in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Dubai.

The pioneering event, which will make history, was officially opened today with the presence of prestigious members of Bahrain Royal Family.

The Expo is a creature of a very special visionary and determined woman, Leena Ahmed Al Mannai, CEO of Culinary Beyond, and her wise husband Khalid Bin Hindi.