The numbers of the 10th Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit

This year the Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit is celebrating a landmark birthday and the 10-year anniversary of the Summits.

Members of the Itchefs-Gvci network will be commemorating this impressive milestone with a traveling event in grand style to be held in no less than 4 of the world’s greatest cities: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Dubai.

Rosario Scarpato’s organizational machine (The-I-Factor) has left nothing to chance, with an intense 2-week program of dinners, master classes, workshops, and opening galas, involving 66 chefs, all leading proponents of Italian Cuisine throughout the world.

This star-studded delegation includes 35 chefs over from Italy and 31 Italian chefs residing in the 4 cities of the Summit working together in the kitchens of the prestigious venues selected for the events.

Dozens of lucky diners will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of Made in Italy, represented by our Ambassadors of Taste, while numerous occasions for hundreds of food and wine lovers have been organized for the general public to taste and compare the glorious range of Italy’s inimitable and most excellent array of products and extraordinary dishes.