Style in the kitchen? An Italian chef’s jacket!

The chefs taking part in the 10th Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit event of the Itchefs-Gvci network, organized by Rosario Scarpato (The-I-Factor), will all be wearing a special chef’s coat for the occasion.

A coherent choice that best expresses the desire to promote Italian style in all of its forms throughout the world.
Transmitting “Made in Italy” with a special dish or a glass of wine to delight the taste-buds and palates of international gourmands seems obvious, but the message comes across even stronger if the working uniform also exhibits those same characteristics of style and passion, recognizably Italian, which only an attentive designer can express.

The classic double-breasted “Raso” jacket has been chosen from Circuito da Lavoro’s exclusive Top Chef line, created by designer Laura Bottomei.

A garment made of satin and stretch cotton that is not only elegant, but functional as well, maintaining a constant body temperature which is a fundamental detail in the kitchen, thus combining practicality and Italian sartorial style.