Pino Piano, eminent example of Italian style in the world, whose biography is coming out soon

Determination and Neapolitan humanity characterize Pino Piano, the Italian founder of Va Bene and Gaia Group partner. His passion for good food and good cooking sent him away to the international cities of London, New York, and Hong Kong. Neuralgic cities, hubs of different cultures, people and ideas. And it is from these great cities that the Neapolitan Pino Piano has to drawn the inspiration to develop his concept of hospitality. A completely different concept. A new way to entertain, organize and give life to Italian cuisine. Like his “Italian Guest Chef” dinners, conceived by his mentor Tony May in the Big Apple. An idea that has attracted numerous illuminaries such as Pino Lavarra, Stefano Baiocco, the Cerea brothers, Marco Sacco and Massimo Bottura.

ButVa Bene has not been his only adventure. The Gaia restaurant in Hong Kong, led by executive Chef Paolo Monti, is in fact another of his creations, together with Isola, today under the guidance of Chef Corrado Michelazzo (two Michelin stars), and contemporary Joia, the Group’s newest star.

Pino Piano, another of the leading flag bearers of great Italian cuisine abroad, has made a lasting contribution to Hong Kong’s fame as the capital of Asian haute cuisine, so much so as to deserve the recognition of Italian cooks everywhere. To celebrate this international recognition, he has been included in Rosario Scarpato’s new book, where his teachings and his example will be saved and transmitted to posterity.