Night of the Stars by Alfredo Russo

Award-winning chef Alfredo Russo is one of the most active and enthusiastic promoters of Italian cuisine in the world today, not only in the kitchen, but also as consultant to various companies in the food industry in Italy and abroad, hotel chains throughout Asia, as well as international cruise ships and airlines.

A professional with solid foundations in his own country, he has been conducting his burgeoning, extremely successful career with Piedmontese “no-frills” rigor , for almost three decades.

He started his culinary adventures at the age of 22 with the opening of Dolce Stil Novo, originally in Cirié (Turin), where he earned his first Michelin star after only 3 years.

The restaurant later moved to its prestigious home in the magnificent Royal Palaces of the Reggia di Venaria, and soon collected its second star.

Celebrity chef for Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai, and participant in several editions of the Summit, Cuisine and Wines World Summit, Alfredo will be hosting two starred colleagues, for a not-to-be-missed, 6-handed dinner during the Dubai stage of the 10th Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit.