MELIUS x 4…even better!

The tenth anniversary edition of the Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit, this year being celebrated in not just one location but in no less than 4 international cities, lends added prestige to the launch of MELIUS,THE WORLD’S BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANTS, the first international network of Italian restaurants certified by its same professional members.

The MELIUS project will be presented during 4 gala dinners, held respectively in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Dubai, in the company of nearly 50 starred chefs.

The idea is to give fans around the world an objective and authoritative interpretation of excellence in Italian catering, accessed through a platform with information, a reservation system, and benefits for loyal customers.
Among the founding members of the Melius network, conceived and coordinated by Rosario Scarpato (The-I-Factor), are the best restaurateurs of the Itchefs-Gvci group.

Admission to the network is through members’ suggestions (, which are subject to a final judging by a panel of expert colleagues, one of the few Italian critics, both authoritative at home as well as appreciated abroad.

Further proof of the seriousness of its ambition to become the Guide par excellence to Italian restaurants abroad, lies in the plan for periodic visits by inspectors who will decide on each year’s new admissions.

The three levels of access for restaurants included in MELIUS are:
a) exceptional restaurants, independent of their geographical position
b) best restaurants by country / group of countries.
c) restaurants worthy of special attention for their professionalism, authenticity and quality that are candidates for promotion into the BEST category in the near future.

The MELIUS platform will allow access to a centralized reservation service, offering a card entitling preferred customers all of the benefits and privileges befitting of the Italian style represented by all the restaurants involved.