Melius: The World’s Best Italian Restaurants

What are the best Italian restaurants in the world? Is there a way to distinguish professionalism, authenticity, and quality out of the thousands that, although respectable enough, are Italian only in name, and even that is often misspelled or somehow mangled, or in the red, white and green flag on display?
MELIUS, THE WORLD’S BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANTS, the first international network of Italian restaurants whose credibility is certified by members of the profession, has been created to respond to the ever growing need, coherent with the desire, both public and private, to safeguard and promote “Made in Italy”, especially outside national confines.

MELIUS is not only an innovative idea of Rosario Scarpato, but is the culmination of an intense and profitable journey shared on line, and in the course of numerous events in Italy and around the world, by all of the chefs of Network Itchefs-Gvci, over nearly 20 years of collaboration. MELIUS is different from all of the previous institutional or associative pseudo-certification accreditation, praiseworthy, yet generally inconclusive up to now; in this case, the prerequisite of self-certification is the ability to recognize among colleaguesthose specific characteristics and features that make for a unique and authentically Italian gastronomic experience.

Admission to the network is through members’ suggestions (, which are subject to a final judging by a panel of expert colleagues, chosen and led by Luigi Cremona, one of the few Italian critics, both authoritative at home as well as appreciated abroad.
Further proof of the seriousness of its ambition to become the Guide par excellenceto Italian restaurants abroad, lies in the plan for periodic visits by the inspectors who will decide on each year’s new admissions.

The three levels of access for restaurants included in MELIUS are:
a) exceptional restaurants, independent of their geographical position
b) best restaurants by country / group of countries.
c) restaurants worthy of special attention for their professionalism, authenticity and quality that are candidates for promotion into the BEST category in the near future.

The MELIUS platform will allow access to a centralized reservation service, offering a card entitling preferred customers all of the benefits and privileges befitting of the Italian style represented by all the restaurants involved.

The stage for the official launching of MELIUS will be the heart of Rome, during a special event to be held in the prestigious historical setting of Via Dei Condotti and Piazza di Spagna, on the occasion of the seventh edition of the Italian Cuisine in the World Forum, 29 October 2018.