Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit, starring Italian wine

This year’s Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit will highlight not only the excellence of Italian cooking, but will also be an opportunity to emphasize as well Italian wine, the second key player of the itinerant event, as it travels to the various host cities – Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Dubai – during the month of November.

A memorable meal is obviously based on good cooking and good food, but when accompanied by a equally good glass of wine, the results can be even better, adding a special dimension to the gastronomic experience. And in this case, when both the food and wine are Italian, the promotion of “Made in Italy” is complete.

Great Italian wines deserve the attention of customers all over the world, and in the best Italian restaurants abroad, where the menu is based on authentic, top quality cuisine, sharing the table more often than not, is a bottle of Italian wine. A well-stocked cellar can contribute to the success of a restaurant, both in Italy as well as abroad, however, it is objectively more difficult to build and maintain a comprehensive wine list outside the country.

Therefore, in recognition of those restaurateurs who are committed in this sense, a special prize for the best Italian Wine List, an idea originating in Hong Kong, will also take the stage of honor during the occasion.

The only requirement necessary to aspire to a place on the podium is a wine list containing exclusively, or a significant and carefully chosen selection of Italian wines.

Summit and Italian Wine List Award are two ideas from Rosario Scarpato (The-I-Factor).