ICE Food Lab: Italian chefs and producers together on stage in Shanghai

Accompanying companies that promote Italy abroad has always been the mission of
ICE, the Italian Trade Agency. Recognized as being truly dedicated to Italian trade around the globe, ICE works to provide the best conditions for Italians operating in foreign countries where Made in Italy thrives.

Itchefs-Gvci chefs, thanks to Rosario Scarpato’s (The-I-Factor) foresight and direction, have been successfully promoting Italian products all over the world for years during their international Summits and Forums.

And with China offering such immense business opportunities, members of the Itchefs-GVCI network make for precious allies and ideal partners, not only for their recognized authority and professionalism, established over years of working in the country, but above all, as interpreters of the best of Italian culinary traditions, they are true Ambassadors of Taste.

During the tenth edition of the Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit (12-16 Nov) a special event will be held in Shanghai to demonstrate this union: a Food Lab in which some of the Summit’s Michelin-starred chefs will prepare recipes using products made available by the producers, who will then interact with them onstage.

This occasion will be an important and interesting opportunity to learn about the virtues of Made in Italy, along with some of the secrets of Italian cuisine.