Gelato Night

Gelato, as everyone knows, is one of the most beloved of Italian specialties, and one which has literally colonized the planet. A bit like pizza… wherever you are, whether in a big American metropolis, on a tropical beach, or in the most exotic Asian cities, the sign for “GELATO”, inevitably written in Italian and often followed by the adjective “ITALIAN”, is an irresistible call.

The Dubai stage of the 10th Italian Cuisine & Wine World Summit will host a highly original dinner organized to test the mastery of the great Italian chefs involved, as well as demonstrate the ductility of this cold, but oh so cool, product.

On November 22nd, in the splendid setting of the Five Hotel Palm Jumeirah’s Quattro Passi, guests will have the unique opportunity to try out a special menu entirely based on ice cream, from the welcoming cocktail to the starter, on through the main course, finally, and most obviously, dessert.

Diners will enjoy a meal of taste sensations that move back and forth between sweet and savory, discovering the endless possibilities and versatility of ice cream, the world’s most popular treat.