Food and Fashion – Italian excellence hand-in-hand in Shanghai

During the Shanghai stage of the 10th Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit coming up in November, the “marriage”, of two of the most well-known icons of Italian industry, so influential for the country’s image abroad, will be celebrated.

Italians are world-famous as excellent cooks, but they are equally excellent tailors; just as we have taught the world how to drink and dine, we have undoubtedly also taught it how to dress with style.

And Shanghai, a city that has grown up fast and is hungry for both pleasure as well as beauty, will be the ideal stage for this fascinating Summit event, during which guests will not only have the opportunity to enjoy great Italian cuisine, they will also be able to appreciate the best of Italian sartorial creativity during an original fashion show held right in the dining room.

This is not the first time that the Itchefs-Gvci has combined food and fashion, thanks to the illuminated direction of Rosario Scarpato (The-I-Factor), always with the most exciting results.