Best Kept Secrets of Italian Wines – Dubai

Some secrets must be kept, others revealed…

In the case of great wines, it is not uncommon for a restaurant to set aside the best bottles for its best customers : more prestigious wines, wines from “insider” wineries, limited production wines made from autochthonous grapes, or jealously preserved noble wines.

Who better than a restaurant’s Sommelier knows its customers’ tastes, and who better than a restaurant’s Sommelier can uncork the secrets kept in its cellars?

One of the most successful events created by Rosario Scarpato (The-I-Factor), organizer of the Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit, now in its tenth edition, is the “Best Kept Secrets of Italian Wines”, which will be staged again in Dubai on November 19th, at the Pierchic restaurant.

This special evening will features some of the most well-known Italian Michelin-starred chefs at the Summit in the kitchen preparing delectable dishes, not for typical customers this time, but for Dubai’s best Sommeliers who, for once will be seated at the table. They have been convened to participate in a tasting preview premiere, of a series of exceptional wines, including particular vintages, limited editions, and reserves, presented by wineries currently on the UAE market.

A food and wine pairing opportunity guaranteeing a unique showcase for the best of Made in Italy.