A Journey Through Italy

Opportunities to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine are few and far between when living outside of the country. The cooks of the Itchefs-Gvci group represent a bastion, advocates, and even more so, true ambassadors of taste, appreciated, first of all, by their customers, but also recognized as such by Italian producers when presenting their products abroad.

To seriously promote Italy’s gastronomic culture means working at it constantly, day in and day out; cultivating relationships back in Italy; being familiar with the right products and producers, while at the same time living and experiencing one’s adopted city to the fullest; understanding the needs of local customers; and managing, finally, to act as a mediator between the original and the adopted cultures.

The work accomplished by Rosario Scarpato (The-I-Factor) over these 10 years of Summits has led to important insights into the evolution of Italian cuisine in the world.

The most important achievement of this Network of chefs is to have literally invented a unique model for the promotion of Made in Italy at the table: multi-handed dinners, where the best representatives of Italian cuisine in Italy collaborate with the best Italian chefs working abroad at the most famous Italian restaurants in the world.

Many occasions of this caliber will be offered during the coming Summit, now in its 10th year, which, to celebrate this landmark anniversary, will be held in 4 stages in 4 different cities – Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Dubai.
Today we are highlighting November 16th at the Florentia Village in Shanghai, where Heinz Beck, of the 3 Michelin-starred Pergola of Rome will be in the kitchen, together with local chefs, preparing a special, not-to-be missed menu.