“100×100” – Chinese Cuisines meet Italian Wines

The tenth edition of the Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit reserves a surprise for international gourmands, an exciting world premiere.

On November 11th a unique food and wine tasting event will be held in Beijing: a select group of the country’s most renowned chefs will prepare a series of dishes most representative of their kitchens, which will then be presented paired with Italy’s best wines, This extraordinary event, which will be replicated a few days later in Shanghai, is not just an end in itself.

In fact, taking place on the same occasion will be the launching of a recipe book of 100 Chinese dishes, featuring the most respected chefs in China, whose recipes, traditional or innovative, are always rooted in the country’s thousand-year-old gastronomic culture, paired with 100 Italian wines carefully chosen along with professional Sommeliers of the local AIS delegation (Italian Sommelier Association).

A tasting that is not only a tribute to this exceptional union of excellence, it is also offers a virtual exploration of those territories most representative of Italy’s oenological production.