10 years of Summits book

Organizing the Italian Cuisine World Summit is not only a meritorious project, involving a great commitment to promoting the best of “Made in Italy”, but also brings into play a inestimable wealth of international relationships.

Managing to do so for 10 consecutive years, in different cities around the world, has certainly been a biblical undertaking, therefore, we decided to celebrate this landmark occasion with something to leave for posterity – an account of these 10 years of special moments, faces, and dishes that have represented the best of our country.

The book “Cooking for the Global Village” was thus created not only for this purpose, but also to show the evolution of the Italian kitchen, rooted in tradition, but continuously alive and moving forward. And although it is true that ingredients and raw materials are a priceless heritage to be respected and disseminated, new techniques and creativity make it possible to rejuvenate and update those treasured and unparalleled classic recipes to contemporary tastes.

Close to 200 chefs and as many recipes are showcased in the book, which will be officially presented on 20 November in Dubai in the extraordinary setting of the city’s prestigious Armani Hotel.